Digital Project Productions - Elena Yurievna Shevchenko

Field of an industrial design is huge . We can discuss machinery and technic, fabric elements, as well as a robotic and automatic matter. I collected some samples from my  own conceptualised projects. 

Developed a new model for the kids slades. On the pictures below variable covers for a single user and several users

Audio , voice , noise and sound recognitions functions indbuilt. 4 buttons on his helmet, are responsibly located in an order of mention earlier recognition functions.

Another model for a same purpose as a kids slade.

Materials used for a model : plastic on a front view, a single user -baby sit, made from a plastic, covered by a soft textile, huge part of the model body is a metal built . Such model developed for a North line countries with higher level of snow and wind.

Such model is for several baby users , might be used as a transport in a North countries for a short term of transportation.

Most popular idea of transformative design. Water Slade with pantone blades.

Nuances in colour and materials used for a same model represented above.

Another model to fly and land on a surface.

Variation of same solution for the industrial purposes.

Heavy transport to territories with a hardly affordable terraine.