Digital Project Productions - Elena Yurievna Shevchenko

Under menue constructions will be used constructive solutions to many purposes, such as: buildings elements, bridge beams, BIMbeams and so on.

Undeground subway (metro) station with two additional upper levels of shopping center and a rest /dinners area. Used stellabats for elevation and as a constructive element.

Above represented a snits , right and left facades and 3d views of the whole construction.

Separate views of a ground level with a snit .

First level of a station center is a collection of small butiques located as two separate left and right stream lines. Transportation from underground level occurs with a help of elevator, situated in a sal center and two sides moving steps track onto lower and upper levels.

A highest second level of a stellabat is nothing more than usual rest/dinners area , two from both sides huge aquauriums , two lines of green trees or bushes, and two different kids playgrounds. In a middle of line established 6 red coloured automate for a snacks, drinks or diverse sewarages. Rest area in a middle applied into two opposite lines of the soft sits line places. A roof plane of stellabat do have options to receive sunlight not only through the windows, located on the both sides , but also from a top view via installed conical windows on top.

A renovation model for a metro station , with two levels over ground.

Single terminal unit with a ticket automat. Primary used concrete beams combined with texturized wood and metallic plades.

Bridge construction where is used new technology application - prefabricated surface. Decorative elements are metal constructions, basic collons are from precasted concrete material.

Pantone Bridge cross the small Town river, made a Wood, with two separate on a both side assymetrical offsets. Each offset is a swimming on the pantones Summer Cafe .