Digital Project Productions - Elena Yurievna Shevchenko

Under recent menue I will show own variable design, which could be usefull as a concept to re-arrange house and flat, built landscape and settle exteriour elements on it. For several purposes, different styles.

Single studio stue sat.

Small gabarit kitchen sat. Fresh spring colour .

Another kitchen sat, diverse colour and different shape of a board plade

Additional to a new stellabat construction, used within underground level.

Variation of furniture to one of the wood river bridge Cafe.

Cafe platform shape made a wood bars, located on pantones.

Bridge Cafe furniture.

A summer open cafe - shop, as a part of developed recently park landscape.

Front view of a summer cafe.

Decorative elements for the park zone. View of a bench developed.

Plan view and elements for a Fontain developed.

Fontain elements. Basis made of a white stone, thereon are several layers of it with middle water falls, main fontain made of a glass with inbuilt light-led effects.

An office with a waiting room. I will present it with a different colour pattern below and also with a robotic assistent, applied in to it.

Main office with a diversecolour of the similar pattern of furniture.

Kids playground, interiour.

Interiour playground with an AI assistent.

Kitchen Sat - dinner board with a variable chairs.

Elements replicable chairs , both: interiour/exteriour use.

Solution for a single office bureau. Wood materials applied to it.

A choice of variable materials used in interiour supposed to give a different view in general output model for interiour patterns.

Another choice of colourfull pattern is a resulting view for such interiour.

Using different materials for a cover and furniture, while built an study space.

A back view , where the place for the installations were montage into the board plade under.

Developed unit for a conference purposes. Single board with the chairs.

A single model for a conference chair with a different materials choices.

A conference sal interiour. Very uncommen to be built in open spaces outside for summer purposes, for instance.

Front view of a conference sal.

A single shower solution that can be used in exteriour and interior areas. Made of stone.