Digital Project Productions - Elena Yurievna Shevchenko

An architectural solution might look outstandish, while it is not always polite upon to the socio-public requirements. It is depends ofthen on a time and location , reflexing ressurses and also on common contributions and requirements. Main point within the architecture cities has been shifted a lot with a time and differentiated self from a traditional one to modern , from a national one to avantgardistic and contemporary , from industrial to residential and by the courtesy of it appeared often as not exclusively suitable to the face of a particular city , simply disgussting, sometimes. We look upon to reconstruct our work and hope for that we could learn to combine and comprise allover necessary standards and contribution, as well. 

Small and huge effective projects might be a presentation for a site of  Architecture. Building design styles presented on my own site are variable, reflexing plenty of issues, from oldish style upon the new conceptual design and ideas with use of exclusively new materials and also none the less, BIM constructions. 


Office building that comprised municipal departments into one common shape . Building is presented with detailes, these elements show nearside , while marked by a yellow line on a building facade.

Entre in an office department located from both sides of a facade , these are similar in constructive solution.

Reference or a first level windows .

Allover constructive BIM elements are highligted.

A view of a house built from a single developed section(modul) above a reference level . Top view and a single section, both are highlighted within an image.

Camera and 3D views for a Modul building. Just a developed single section will give to BIM constructors several choices in artificially different constructive solutions.

Just a bit more imagination and Spiral housing will be not a future. Similar section could be used for a residential housing. By use of same constructive section and a little proportional shift around of a center line of building plan possible to achieve an incredible result presented in a 3Dview.

Between the "snowflake arrows" invented a glass section and a view of a building facade resulted as another one shape, with use of same constructive units. Materials for developed section have been assigned, as a precast concrete

A shape for a Quantum house , scientifically bounded unit.

Newborned idea to residential objects around a city .

Municipal building to residential area. Might be used white and dark coloured concrete.

New developed concept for an activity house with inbuilt : ice skating rink on a basement and winter rolle-skate rink.

New pavillion for exibitions. Surrounded by tiny line of small fontanes and green parts between these. Four almost open spaces with lightfull architectural cover, built from the concrete beams and lightfull colourfull glass.

Development of an idea to Scientific Assambly Buildings. Main building made of concrete , metal and glass with original application of exteriour elevators from the both sides of a facade.

Several views of a main building above.

Secondary filials joined with a main building by glass corridors pr etage.Elevator located outside, each of it inbuilt in a monolith construction.

Such an interesting idea to monolith precast concrete - a building with 3 facades , exit corner inbuilt on the both sides of a main facade with an exteriour elevator.Some other snits and details views can be found under a menue "Constructions".

Views from the different sides and one roof plan view , where possible to see the windows inbuilt into the each etage plan on a roof, instead of the usual facades windows. Two other views right and left are fully backed up by facade windows.

A modern concept of a tower building. Two elevators on the left/right sides.

Similar construction of a residential building , where new covering materials applied.

Residential with applied BIM constructive elements.